Wednesday, 12 May 2021

The Sicilian Way Is On The Way Up for Daniel!

 When you have the Sicilian family heritage and connections that Daniel D’Ambrogio has, then it’s no surprise that the food products he will be importing through his new company, The Sicilian Way, are of the highest quality.  But where did it all start?

As one of The Wirral Enterprise Hub’s youngest clients, 21 year-old Daniel has had an entrepreneurial flair from a young age. Taking inspiration from his dad, who runs his own law firm, Daniel acquired the taste to ‘be his own boss’ whilst working for the family firm, gaining some invaluable business skills such as website design, sourcing of products and customer service. Despite having the opportunity to continue within the family business, Daniel was determined to hone his skills and energy into something he had a passion for – and which person with Sicilian blood doesn’t have a passion for Mediterranean food?  It was a no- brainer, it had to be done ‘The Sicilian Way’.

So, what products does The Sicilian Way import?  Initially, these will be extra virgin olive oil, garlic, anchovies, salami and cheese!!  Now this is where the family connections come in, Daniel says, “A lot of our products come surrounding towns where my family come from, this means that we have local suppliers that we have known for years and have complete trust and faith they make truly incredible product”. Having the inside track on local Sicilian suppliers and an in-depth knowledge of Sicilian produce, the business will ensure that the products are not only of the highest quality, but taste fantastic too!  As the company motto states: “The Sicilian Way – All About The Taste!” Daniel continues, “We import handpicked, taste tested products to make sure they are second to none. We quality control our Olive Oil to make sure it is true authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We want to make sure we are sourcing and offering only the best to ensure we give our customers the true Sicilian experience”.

Daniel has big plans for the future too.  As well as collaborating with other businesses and looking to become a regular at local farmers’ markets, he eventually wants to have his own premises.  He would also like to expand his product range to include quality wines, the perfect accompaniment to all those fine cheeses! 

So, what advice does Daniel wish to share with us?  “Focus on believing,” he says.  “I’ve always had big dreams and when I’ve been unsure, I’ve thought ‘just try it!’  If it works, great, but if not, at least I’ve given it a shot.”

And how did Enterprise Hub help?  Daniel responds by saying: “The Enterprise Hub has helped me incredibly and Heidi’s huge knowledge in business has supported me throughout.  They offered me amazing free courses and one-to-ones where I gained so much valuable information.  Also, Wirral Chamber have been very supportive through Louis in the International Trade Team helping me with my commodity codes and not to mention Independent Wirral, a great marketing platform for local businesses like myself.

If you would like to get in touch with Daniel at The Sicilian Way, you can e-mail him at, visit the website at  or contact via  social media at Instagram – or Facebook (

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