Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Sarah Evans Jewellery is a Hidden Gem!

Well, they do say:  “What goes around, comes around!”  And this is certainly the case for Sarah Evans and her partner, Ian, the co-owners of Sarah Evans Jewellery.  

Having lived opposite each other and dating as teenagers in Dorset, their paths diverged significantly into very different trajectories.  But 33 years later, they are back together again with a shared passion for being creative and running their own business – Sarah Evans Jewellery! 

Sarah Evans and her partner, Ian

Sarah has over 25 years’ experience, knowledge and skills of working in the jewellery trade, having cut her teeth at a prestigious jeweller’s in London’s West End.  She then moved on to teaching at local schools and at the Royal College of Art.  Ian, on the other hand, developed his people and organisational skills working for the Civil Service and local government.  But like Sarah, Ian reached that stage where he wanted to be part of something more creatively fulfilling, so starting their own business made perfect sense.

Now when it comes to quality, bespoke jewellery, Sarah Evans Jewellery certainly shines!  As well as remodelling and repairing existing jewellery, they can produce wedding and engagement rings, necklaces and other jewellery items that are fabulous, of great quality and that can be treasured for many years to come.  And all are hand-crafted to your individual requirements using materials of the highest quality.  Not sure what you want?  Well Sarah is well-qualified to give you the best impartial advice.  Sarah Evans Jewellery has also had to adapt to Covid-19 and has done so by offering Zoom and Skype consultations with customers, along with safe, socially-distanced meetings when appropriate.

And what’s the future for Sarah Evans Jewellery?  Well they are looking to exhibit at jewellery fairs in the UK and overseas and will be hoping to attend Covid-secure events over the coming year.  Sarah would also like to teach customers how to make their own wedding rings along with delivering autism-friendly work-experience opportunities for young people.

And any words of wisdom from Sarah and Ian for anyone starting their own business?  “I’ve always felt that it’s important to follow your heart and to keep creativity in your life,” Sarah replies.  Ian comments further, “It’s what makes us both tick and sometimes you have to have the courage to follow your heart, try something new and believe in yourself!”

Sarah and Ian also acknowledge the support received from Enterprise Hub at Wirral Chamber.  Both are quick to point out that Enterprise Hub has helped them both formulate their ideas into a coherent plan and given them the tools and knowledge they didn’t know they needed, to help them develop their business further!

If you’re looking for a fantastic piece of bespoke, high-quality jewellery and would like to contact Sarah Evans Jewellery, then either ring Sarah on 07941 227 757, e-mail her at sarah.evans.jewellery@gmail.com or visit their website at www.sarahevansjewellery.com

If you have been inspired by Sarah's story and would like to see how Enterprise Hub can help you start your own business, then get in touch with us. Email enterprisehub@thewo.org.uk 

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