Wednesday 29 April 2020

Best Way to Start a Business in a Pandemic? Ready, Set Go!

If you are wondering if starting a new business in the current climate is the right thing to do, Martine Gibson from ReadySetGo Success and Wellbeing's story is one for you to read.
With a gutsy determination and passion for the service she provides, she decided that there was no time like the present! As an integrative counsellor and life coach she feels that her services are needed now more than ever, and in these uncertain times that have seen an increase in mental health issues – particularly stress, anxiety and depression – she is determined to be there to support whoever and however she can.
Martine knows first-hand how easy it is to get stuck in a rut and end up down a path that you don’t want to be on.  But unlike most, she recognised where she was heading, didn’t like what she saw and took brave and drastic steps to turn her life around. As a single mum with a secure income, she took the decision to leave her job and go back to college to embark on a four-year journey to become something that she had always wanted to be......a person that empowers other people to become the best possible version of themselves.
Growing up with an older sibling who suffered with mental health issues, Martine witnessed the frustrations, devastation and challenges that are involved with mental health support.  It was this experience that set her heart and mind on helping people. She wanted to show people that they were amazing and strong, that they could do anything that they put their minds to and that someone believed in them.  She firmly believes that “no matter who you are, where you come from, how bad a start in life you have had, or what you are going through, anything is possible and dreams can be achieved”.
When asked if she had any wisdom or advice to people wanting to start their own business, Martine replied “My advice is simple, if you have a dream go for it!  No matter what obstacles are in your way, push through them, find a way to make it work. I was a penniless single mother, living away from my family and did not have a clue how to get here but what I did do was take the first step”.
Of her support from the Enterprise Hub, Martine said, “The support from the Enterprise Hub was an absolute blessing.  They supported me to shape my business plan, were there whenever I needed them (face to face and via email), provided me with lots of information and advice as well as being my sounding board.   The Enterprise Hub gave me access to training and all the resources I needed in order to set my business up and best of all it was FREE!  Heidi and the Enterprise Hub were instrumental in the setting up of my business and I shall be eternally grateful”.
ReadySetGo Success and Wellbeing is now up and running and available to anyone who needs mental and wellbeing support, both in the current climate and beyond. She has adapted her services to be able to provide online support and has introduced wellbeing check-ins to be able to help people on a one-off basis as opposed to her normal six-session packages. She is also currently offering FREE wellbeing sessions to any key or frontline workers.
For more information about Martine and her business ReadySetGo Success and Wellbeing
Instagram: r_s_g_2020
Facebook: Readysetgo Success and Wellbeing  

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