Thursday, 2 April 2020

Boosting Team Morale Working from Home

It is vital that managers continue to make their workers feel appreciated whilst working from home during Covid19. This can be done by putting in place a strong employee recognition strategy. The same tactics that are effective in an office setting might not be as meaningful for people who are working from home. Please don’t forget to make the social and emotional well being of your staff a top priority during this time. Enterprise Hub has suggested new ways to boost employee morale at home.

Virtual Lunch and Coffee Breaks
Lunch breaks and regular coffee breaks with your team on a virtual setting can be just as fun as chatting in the staff room or a coffee shop. Video chat platforms such as Zoom, Ovoo or Skype are the preferred forms of video chatting. During these breaks ask your colleagues or employees questions other than work. A good morale does not always come from praise it can simply be from asking how they are and talking about their hobbies or recent events.

Regular Team Meetings
Weekly or even daily virtual team meetings to discuss work-related topics and check-in to see how team members are doing is important. This is an excellent way for team leaders and team members to show their support for one another and to share opinions and advice that they find helpful in work projects. Sorting myths and keeping employees calm is important when dealing with low morale during this time of covid19.

Address Staff concerns via Phone or Emails
You can still provide an “Open door” policy with staff despite working from home. Contact staff members individually to discuss their concerns regarding work or life in general during this time of uncertainty. individual staff members to learn about their concerns. Listening and addressing your staff concerns during the Covid-19 pandemic shows your employees that you care about their health, as well as their safety.

Employee recognition and rewards
Ensure that you continue recognise and reward individuals or teams who are making significant contributions and going beyond during this time. For example, some staff members may be going extra lengths to operate IT systems from home or balancing work with kids at home. Showing extra support and recognising their efforts boosts employee morale and reassure employees that their work is valued.  Employers may consider introducing a weekly email, which can be circulated to employees highlighting these achievements.

Fun Weekly Challenges
Create an online community group on Facebook or WhatsApp and create fun weekly challenges for staff to participate in. This could be posting a photo of their remote workspace, their favourite homemade meal recipes, posting a meme/gif that summarizes their life right now, or a photo of themselves wearing their favourite pyjamas.

Highlight the good news
We’re all familiar with the disappointing and frightening Headlines and we don’t need to spend any more time dwelling on the negative. Take some time to gather a few happy updates and share with the team each morning via word of mouth or via email. This will help give employees and co-workers a positive lift that they may need each morning.

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