Monday, 30 March 2020

Thinking about moving your coaching business online?

The Coronavirus has left many coaching businesses looking for solutions to meet customer needs. Now more than ever, coaching can offer valuable support and guidance to someone. Whether you are a fitness coach, school teacher, or business adviser – online coaching can be made simple if you consider the following.

Type of coaching
Before you build a website or start making coaching sessions let’s determine what coaching type you should pursue. Do you want to conduct private coaching sessions or group sessions for clients? One to one coaching session are indeed more beneficial to the client although they are more time consuming. If you are looking for a more scale-ready option or would rather meet with groups of people at a time, you might be more interested in group coaching.

Choose an Online Platform
The platform you use to provide your online coaching depends on what kind of coaching your business entails. For example, if you switching to an online teaching class “Skills Share” is a perfect platform.  Almost every course lesson entails two key components video and class project. Courses are made up of a series of small videos whose duration is typically anywhere between 10 and 25 minutes.

Live Stream
If you would prefer to coach publicly live streams is an ideal option.  You may want to use Facebook, YouTube or Instagram live streams as they notify all your followers to join. Not only does it allow followers to engage it also can be accessed publicly. This is a perfect option for fitness coaching as many people can join at one time.

Video call sessions
Video call sessions are ideal for one to tone or small group coaching sessions. If you are looking for a formal video conferencing app ezTalks is perfect for you! This app is complexly free and allows 100 participants to join a video conferencing per time. Compared to other free group video conferencing apps, this app has more comprehensive features to better your group video conference experience, such as screen sharing, file sharing, interactive whiteboard, meeting scheduling, meeting recording and meeting presenter control. Skype and ooVoo are also famous for person-to-person video chat or group video conferencing free, which enables you to do group chat with up to 12 persons.

Engage with your target market 
Who is the target market you want to coach? Knowing your audience is incredibly important to keep create ideal marketing strategies and customer loyalty. Social Media and Email Marketing are great ways to grab the attention of audiences. For example, int terms of formal academic or business coaching daily emails with news, links, updates and reminders allows you to inform clients and create customer relationships.

Find your unique selling proposition (USP)
What is your unique selling proposition that differentiates you from other coaches online? This can come from your own experience, your personality, or positive client results. For example, what makes you different from the fitness coach with a similar online fitness session. Give your clients a unique online experience, play upbeat music or if you’re a business or financial coach attach beneficial links to sessions.

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